Kayak Tours in Peninsula State Park, WI

If you want to explore the natural beauty of Peninsula State Park, there’s no better way to see it than from the water. Peninsula Kayak Company provides kayak tours and kayak rentals, so come explore Peninsula State Park, WI, today. 


Peninsula State Parks has much to offer, and we provide tours for every kind of interest you might have. Some of our tours include:

  • Cave tour. Explore the caves on the peninsula’s coastline.
  • Wetland tour. Travel across the lakes and creeks of the state park.
  • Sunset tour. View a spectacular sunset on the water in a kayak.
  • Eagle Harbor tour. Find out what Eagle Harbor has to offer you.

We also offer custom private tours, so if there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit, let us take you there.


If you want to enjoy the scenic waters of the park without a tour, come to us for kayak and paddleboard rentals. We offer hourly and daily rates, so whether you plan to spend an afternoon on the water or a full week, we can accommodate you. 

Our rentals are available from our Ephraim location, just a few minutes’ drive from the park entrance. 

 Call today to schedule a booking at (920) 918-4314