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At Peninsula Kayak Company we are a dedicated group of recreational professionals aiming to take our passion for kayaking and provide all of our guests with fantastic new experiences. We opened our doors in 2017 with the goal of helping anybody and everybody safely enjoy  pristine natural landscapes while providing the best possible experience. We firmly believe in exploring the natural world with minimal impact leaving everything as intact as when we found it for all to enjoy. Our abundance of localized Door County knowledge not only ensures a great trip but you will leave here with more than enough ideas to keep you coming back for years to come. It's your adventure, let us be your guide.  Now lets meet the crew!

Meet the crew


Peninsula Kayak Company Jacksonport Lake Michigan Kayak Shop Bike Rentals 
Rob Geitner

I was born and raised in Jacksonport, and had the rare opportunity of living in the only home on Logan Creek.  I spent most of my days running the creek shore and canoeing out to Clark Lake. I studied Limnology and Ecology at UW-Madison, and it really opened my eyes to the amazing  uniqueness of Door County and Lake Michigan.  

Since then I've worked as an environmental restoration project consultant for the USDA, and continue to be active in my families business, Mr. G's Supper Club.  Peninsula Kayak Company is my way of sharing my experience of Door County with folks that like to take the time and observe their surroundings.


Peninsula Kayak Company Jacksonport Lake Michigan Kayak Shop Bike Rentals 
Dane Spitzer

I grew up in Ohio  and since leaving for college it has been my life's mission to take the time and explore the world at a slower pace whether by bicycle, skis or a kayak. Upon returning from an extended bike trip to the World Cup years ago I began my guiding career on a raft in Oregon. 

After traveling around the country, in search of adventure,  I fell in love with Door County's rugged splendor.  One visit here was all I needed before I was hooked, and found something I needed to share with the rest of the world.  What I love most about this job, if you can call it that, is that I get to experience the best parts of life with new people every single day.



Originally hailing from Madison, WI, I dig all things that involve being in the water, and Lake Michigan is a magical place!



Growing up I’ve always been happiest in the water or on some sort of adventure. I’m currently immersed in the Rockies at school in Bozeman, MT where I study Microbiology with a focus of Environmental Health. I ski and camp whenever I can but I’ve missed being around water, especially Lake Michigan. Door County and Rock Island have been very dear to my heart and I’ve grew up calling Rock Island my second home. I’m excited to share my next summer adventure on the water with new people everyday, and help everyone fall in love with  the outdoors just a little bit more.



 I grew up in Madison, WI and graduated from St. Olaf College (MN) in 2018 with a BA in Biology. Although I love to travel and explore new landscapes, Door County has always been my go-to spot since I was a child. I've been on canoe trips in the Sylvania Wilderness and Boundary Waters and kayaked as far away as Alaska and Scandinavia but I always come back to the adventure and unique beauty that Door County offers. That's why I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my love for Lake Michigan and Door County's natural beauty with others this summer.



I grew up in the foot hills of North Carolina paddling the many rivers and hiking the Appalachian mountains. After finishing school I moved out west to lead kayaking tours in Utah and Arizona. I was drawn to Door County for the beautiful scenery, a chance to explore the Midwest, and to play on the Great Lakes!



CTO and head of digital presence. Kayaking legend.